H&M CHEMICAL TRADING GMBH is a chemical trading and distribution company specializing in marketing chemicals,
solvents, additives, and raw materials to domestic and international customers.

Our ongoing working relationships with quality producers world-wide insures delivery of prime quality products to our
customers in industries as diverse as printing inks, paint and coatings, paper manufacturing, houshold, and industrial
detergents, adhesives, plastic compounding and production, wood products, pesticides and herbicides, water treatment.
Our qualified staff is experienced in advising you about our wide range of products.

In addition, H&M CHEMICAL TRADING GMBH is able to offer customized packaging, chemical warehousing, blending,
special labeling, container shipment, tanker shipment, road or rail shipment, transporting and pick-up of iso-containers,
recycling or solvent recovery as well as any other logistic management your company requires. Our various
offices in Paris, Rotterdam, Hamburg, and Taipei are all experienced in providing comprehensive service packages
tailored to your needs.

Check this web-site regularly for new products and new ideas to help your business expand.

Our service is second to none.